Jack  has experience working with the pulitzer prize winner David Turnley as a mentor and colleague.  Together with 12 other students they traveled to Paris, France for a six week street photography study.  Jack honed his interpersonal skills as well as his skills transferring a 3D world onto a 2D plane.


Jack has studied under the tutelage of Lou Marinaro  for three years working on conventional sculptural techniques.  Working with Professor Marinaro he has found a new understanding of human anatomy as well as contemporary less conventional sculptural craft.  Jack has knowledge of multiple different types of molds; he has experience working with multiple piece molds, as well as silicone, plaster, and injection molds.


The skills in drawing that Jack has developed have given him a chance to explore different ways of expressing ideas and mood.  He has studied illustration from life and imagination both, but believes his better work is showcased through the former.